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March 4, 2019

5G & Wi-Fi

5G & Wi-Fi


5th generation mobile networks or 5th generation wireless systems, referred to as 5G,refers to the fifth generation mobile

communication technology, which is an extension of the 4G system.






The concept of 5G and 4G is that the connection capacity has been greatly improved, and it depends on the needs of the Internet of



The 5G industry has become a new driving force for mainland economic growth. In 2018, the added value of the mainland

manufacturing industry increased by 6.5%, but the microwave terminal industry including 5G has increased by 104.5% against the

trend. 5G mobile network can reach 10GB per second transmission rate.



The three major telecom operators in mainland China have announced the timetable for 5G network construction.



By 2020, commercialization is basically no problem, and the speed of mobile network will surpass Wi-Fi.

The user's demand for high quality network speed will be met.

Analysts pointed out that 5G is one of the focuses of the mainland's efforts to promote the exhibition in 2019.



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Chen Zhaoxiong, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the mainland, said that the mainland has a

solid foundation for accelerating 5G commercialization and fostering confidence in the 5G concept stocks.

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