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March 4, 2019

5G Network Construction in 2019

5G Network Construction in 2019


At MWC, Qualcomm announces the industry's first 5G integrated SoC

The 5G peak theoretical transmission speed is hundreds of times faster than the 4G network transmission speed.

China started the 5G network construction in 2019, and officially launched commercial services in 2020. In the near future, with the popularity of 5G commercial mobile phones, the market will see a boom in mobile phone replacement.

When it comes to 5G, the most important thing for everyone is the 5G mobile phone.

But in fact, in addition to applications on mobile phones, 5G applications will also be radiated to a wider range of industries. From the perspective of the consumer market, the future 5G terminal form will be extremely wide.

From 5G laptops, 5G AR/VR devices to 5G cars, almost all connected devices will be upgraded to 5G.

For example, Qualcomm launched a 5G car platform at this year's MWC, using the powerful features of 5G network to support front-end use scenarios such as lane-level navigation and HD positioning, car remote operation, and vehicle-to-air communication.

More importantly, 5G will also change the face of many traditional industries.

Taking manufacturing as an example, the networking performance provided by 5G networks is expected to become an essential element of the Industrial 4.0 smart factory.

The complicated connection cables in traditional factories will be replaced by wireless networks, making reconfigurable factories possible. In addition, in the fields of smart manufacturing, smart city, smart agriculture, telemedicine, etc., 5G will make us imagine the future.





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