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March 4, 2019

Fiber Fixed Telephone



According to the Yonhap News Agency, the South Korean Unification Ministry said on the 21st that the Korean and Korean dynasties will hold talks on communication work at the Korea-Korean liaison office in North Korea on the 23rd, focusing on issues such as the transition of copper-core cables used in the Korean hotline telephone to fiber-optic cables.


On the 15th, North Korea proposed to hold a communication work meeting to discuss improving the old problems of the communication network. According to the Korean Ministry of Unification, the communication network between Korea and Korea uses copper core cables.



Compared with copper-core cables, fiber-optic broadband is safe, stable, fast, and has low delay. It can meet the needs of people with high broadband demand, but the cost is higher and the price is higher.



However, after the fixed telephone is replaced with an optical fiber, the telephone can only be made when the power is turned on at all times.

Once your home is powered off, if you don't have a mobile phone at home, you can't even get out of the phone. Because the fiber optic phone must be connected to the phone when the optical cat is powered.

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