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March 4, 2019

Google builds cables across the Atlantic



Recently, according to foreign media reports, French telecom operator Orange is cooperating with Google to jointly launch the transatlantic submarine cable project and the United States. It is understood that this project was named Dunant, which was led by Google in July this year.


This submarine cable will be the first new submarine cable to connect the United States and France for 15 years, and is the best response to the rapid growth in demand for high-speed connectivity on both sides of the Atlantic. The project official said that it is the close partnership between Orange and Google that enables French telecom operators to support European and American consumers and business users very well.


It is reported that this submarine cable has a total length of 6,600 kilometers and will be put into use in 2020. Orange said it will build an access station on the French Atlantic coast and provide land cable connections.

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