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March 4, 2019

Tips for Purchasing Wire and Cable


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Pay attention to the following points when purchasing wire and cable:


First, check the "CCC" certification logo. Wire and cable products are national compulsory safety certification products. All production enterprises must obtain the "CCC" certification certified by the China Electrotechnical Products Certification Committee, obtain the "CCC" certification mark, and have the "CCC" certification mark on the certificate or product.


Second, the packaging is beautiful. For large and medium-sized formal enterprises that produce products that meet the requirements of national standards, the production of wire and cable is very focused on product packaging.


Third, the product has a smooth and round appearance and a uniform color. The appearance of the produced wire and cable products meets the standard requirements: smooth and round, uniform color. The appearance of counterfeit and inferior products is rough and dull. For the rubber insulated flexible cable, the appearance is required to be round, and the sheath, the insulation, and the conductor are not easily peeled off. The counterfeit and inferior product has a rough appearance, a large ovality, and a low insulation strength of the sheath, which can be torn off by hand.


Fourth, the conductor is shiny, DC resistance, conductor structure size, etc. meet the requirements of national standards. Wire and cable products that meet the requirements of national standards, whether it is aluminum conductor or copper conductor, are bright and oil-free. Therefore, the DC resistance of the conductor is in full compliance with national standards, with good electrical conductivity and high safety.


Fifth, the length is accurate. The length of wire and cable products that meet the requirements of national standards meets the national standard of 100±0.5m (that is, the standard deviation of 0.5 meters is 100 meters), which protects the interests of consumers.



Finally, the certificate is clearly marked. The wire and cable product certificate that meets the requirements of national standards is clearly printed. The “CCC” certification mark, trademark, model specification, rated voltage, length, inspection, manufacturing date, certification number, implementation standard, factory name, factory address, telephone number, etc. are clearly defined. and in line with the product, there are other companies on the certificate issued with "warning users" and other content, so that the majority of consumers buy and install correctly.

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