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March 4, 2019

Wire and Cable Market in South Africa


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The development of commercial and residential infrastructure and the growing demand for power supply stability in the country are the main reasons for the rapid growth of the wire and cable market in South Africa. In addition, the growth in broadband demand is also a driving factor in the growth of demand for fiber optic cables.



From the voltage level, because South Africa's infrastructure is relatively weak, low-voltage cable is the largest market segment, widely used in power transmission and distribution, home appliances, automotive, construction and communications.


In terms of cable types, copper, aluminum, and fiber are the three most common types in the cable market in South Africa. Among them, the copper cable market share is the highest, about 38%, followed by fiber optic cable. It is expected that by 2020, copper cables will remain the primary choice for the cable market in South Africa.



The demand for copper cables will also increase significantly with the government's increased investment in infrastructure, especially as the population increases, and investment in infrastructure such as electricity, communications, electronics, transmission and distribution will increase.


From the application market, the main terminal application market for cable in South Africa includes household appliances, construction, communications, transmission and distribution, automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, and medical.

Among them, the construction field is the largest application market, and will maintain stable and rapid development in the next five years. Second, the demand for cables in the power transmission, distribution, and automotive sectors will further drive the cable market to continue to grow.


From the manufacturer, African cable company African Cables, South Sea Holdings Inc. South Ocean Holdings Ltd, CCG Cable Company, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, Renesas
Aberdare Cable, General Electric Sub-Saharan Africa, and Power Technologies, Power Technologies, will become major cable manufacturers in South Africa.

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